As-salāmu alaykum!

I'm Huzaifa Ahmed
Frontend Developer,
Moving forward!

About Me

When I was a kid, I enjoyed being around computers and, as I grew up, I kept developing my relationship with them. During my time in college, I started working as a graphic designer, but it was only later that I found my passion: the web.

Today, I’m a frontend developer/designer and a lifelong learner.

Latest Works

UI Developer

Building digital replacement for traditional real-estate agency.

Transforming traditional real-estate trading to a futuristic one. As a User Interface Developer, I take part in both product design and development process with the team.


Product Link

Front End

Starship search engine

I built this fun product to search for starships from the famous Star Wars movie.


Project Link

Front End

Nex t Engineering

Nex t Engineering is Portugues technology consulting company based in Lisbon. Our challenge for the website was to visualize the connection between traditional and modern technology. I was responsible for the frontend of this project. Also, I was part of the design collaboration with my other teammates at Burocratik.


Website Link


˹They are˺ those who donate in prosperity and adversity, control their anger, and pardon others. And Allah loves the good-doers. Quran 3:134